Yotel Asterweg

Yotel commissioned us to design a new hotel in Buiksloterham, an innovative new neighbourhood in Amsterdam’s North with a circular focus. With 204 rooms, it is due for completion mid 2019.
Fronting Tolhuiskanaal, the waterfront hotel is designed as five different, interconnected volumes in a park-like setting. Varying in height, function and atmosphere, they are concentrated around a series of courtyards. At the heart of the complex are collective spaces where tourists, business travellers and locals come together. The high transparent ground floor enables a seamless flow between the
landscape and interior. On the sunny side, the public restaurant, terrace, garden and jetty form an attractive ensemble on the waterfront. The hotel is firmly rooted in the neighbourhood thanks to close collaborations with local partners for the hospitality elements, art and facilities.

Future-proof hotel design, rooted in the circular and social development of Buiksloterham.

A hotel with collective spaces, an innovative water system and a seamless flow between the interior and the landscape.

The unique circular water system solves the extremely high water usage common in hotels.

Sustainability and technology are leading factors in the project for all partners. And because the water demand of hotels is huge (about 200 liters of water per room per day!) we created with this team a circular water system that collects, holds, filters and recycles water for various applications, including a play fountain. 

Water need, water use and potential water collection in m3 per year and in percentage.


To add some Amsterdam Noord identity to the construction site from the outset, The Stone Twins created a new Dutch word for an installation marking this hotel development. WAARTOEKOMST is a hybrid of WAARTOE (‘where to?’) and TOEKOMST (‘future’). The bespoke typography is inspired by lettering used on the old Fokker Aircraft Factory, that was located on the nearby Papaverweg from 1919 to 1951.
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