(How it came)


Studioninedots is a practice for architecture and urban design. Our work extends from unexpected residential developments and public buildings to innovative urban concepts.

Our practice excels in projects that transform complex urban sites, interweaving the built environment with the social fabric of a city. We are fascinated by the processes of (re)using or activating these sites: their dynamic contexts often demand unconventional solutions yet inspire new collective ways of living. By distilling the issue, we discover the project’s essence that drives its architecture.

When facing urban challenges, we identify opportunities in circularity and, at the same time, embrace beauty and tactility as essential human needs. We team up: we adopt a collaborative approach that inspires, challenges and strengthens our work. Together with our clients and partners, we translate forward-thinking ideas and designs into a realistic framework, creating characteristic spaces that function as catalysts for meeting, exchange and connection.

Established in 2011, Studioninedots consists of 25 architects, urban planners and other team members today. The practice is led by founders Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, and Metin van Zijl, and associates Ike Gronheid, Stijn de Jongh, Wouter Hermanns and Jurjen van der Horst.

We are based in Amsterdam, a city that inspires us with its open-mindedness, adaptability and creativity. Karperweg 41 is gradually transforming into Studioninedots’ new home ‘Karper K.’, a space for unpredictable and unexpected combinations. Like our previous home base Creative Workspace 1-1-1, it has an unfinished quality like its surroundings, thrives in its temporality, balances between rawness and comfort and has an element of unpredictability in its use.

The nine lines that define our practice


…create spaces for human interaction
…believe our spatial interventions positively affect behavior
…question convention by turning things upside down and inside out
…see creativity and craftsmanship as two sides of the same coin
…embrace beauty and tactility, because it is essential to everyone
…identify opportunities in circularity
…have fun!
Good vibes make good projects
…team up.
Working together inspires, challenges and strengthens us
…declare independency

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