The TrueTalker

In 2016 Amsterdam hosted events related to the Netherlands’ presidency of the European Union. Many meetings took place at the Marineterrein, the city’s former navy compound, in sterile artificially lit rooms with a mass of cameras and microphones – hardly inspiring venues for meaningful exchange.

In response Studioninedots, in collaboration with StoneCycling, self-initiated an alternative at the nearby temporary campus FabCity. Entitled The TrueTalker, it comprises an open, conical pavilion made of bricks centred around a fireplace. In the spirit of a good campfire The TrueTalker aims to connect people and create space for storytelling and dialogue. Unfolding like a shell, the outer wall creates an intriguing curved entrance that triggers visitors to enter. Inside, there’s an immediate sense of warmth and intimacy. Low seating invites people to sit, talk, relax and exchange ideas.

The solid but open structure is made from StoneCycling’s WasteBasedBricks. When the sun shines by day, the interwoven brick pattern creates a play of light within the volume; by night when the interior is illuminated by the fire, the pavilion appears as a bright lantern on the site.

We team up to kickstart good conversations.

The ambition for this self-initiated project is to stimulate meaningful dialogue: between the members of the collaborative team and between the event participants.
A hands-on approach regularly brought all the different team members, who included set builders, apprentice bricklayers and architecture students, on site where they resolved any arising problems together.
We wanted to create a place for both dreamers and doers with a good campfire in the middle to trigger big ideas and crazy stories.


An installation that celebrates creativity and craftsmanship.

Playing with bricks – circular WasteBasedBricks.

The structure was first built with a curved timber frame around which the bricks were laid. The scaffolding was then removed to reveal an interwoven structure that was both delicate and strong. Constructed from different kinds of waste materials, the WasteBasedBricks lend a unique colour and texture to The TrueTalker structure.

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