West Beat

West Beat is a multipurpose complex that forms a new hotspot in Nieuw West, an upcoming neighbourhood in Amsterdam. Functioning as a hub for young, global citizens, its concept combines entrepreneurship with affordable housing and a shared Super Space at its heart. This public base merges hospitality and event/exhibition space, workspaces and workshops in one continuous, sculptural volume.

Above, the 150 starters’ apartments are organised around a shared courtyard.
 The brief was to create a residential development for the younger segment that appears as an eye-catcher on a prominent site at the crossroads of infrastructure.
We wanted to create a lively destination and pioneering project grounded in Nieuw West that integrates architecture, programme and people from the outset.

A visual and spatial translation of West Beat’s ambitious social programme.

The starting point was the people themselves – the young residents and entrepreneurs who will live, meet, work, play and dine at West Beat, and establish it over time. Their activities are focused in the Super Space, an impressive ground floor public space shaped by enormous arches that immediately creates the wow factor we envisioned. The diverse users and the crossovers between their activities ensure a lively atmosphere round the clock. As a dynamic neighbourhood activator and connector, West Beat sets the tone for future projects to come.

Super Space: social and sculptural

The vast, social Super Space functions as an extension of the public realm and podium for young creative talents and entrepreneurs of Nieuw West.
 During the design phase, we collaborated with ‘project ambassadors’ – young residents and entrepreneurs from the neighbourhood and city – to help develop the programme, and encourage the entrepreneurial and creative spirit in the area.
The sculptural, high arches in the Super Space shape a network of continuous open spaces that can be flexibly used, which allows the building’s functions to evolve over time.

The elements of light and sound informed the design: the higher elevations and green facades act as sound buffers while the outdoor and shared spaces are located on the sunny side of the building.

A new landmark that celebrates the growth of Nieuw West.

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