PH House

We designed an open, contemporary home for a family, with inviting spaces where they could spend time quality together yet have their own space. Dating from 1905, the original house was in need of a makeover – the original detailing was lost under layers of previous renovations that had also enclosed the spaces.

Our design – which involved a renovation, alteration and extension – imagines the ground floor as an open living landscape: extending 27 metres long, it comprises a series of interconnected spaces that are enhanced by height differences and organised around spatial furniture elements, and connected by a beautiful parquet floor. The original historic character of the house is enhanced by the design of these custom-designed elements that complement the colour, material and texture of the original detailing.

The top floors accommodate an office, a new terrace and the boys’ rooms; the first floor is dedicated to the parents. The entire length of the latter has also been opened up; the generous bathroom with sauna at the back and grand bedroom at the front are connected by a dressing room.

Our transformation opens up the 448m2 house to let it breathe and create a living landscape with varying atmospheres.

A new open ground floor seamlessly merges the living functions stretching 27 metres from the lounge to the garden. Visually, the living room, kitchen, lounge, garden room and garden now form one continuous living landscape.

To retain the sense of openness, spatial and functional transitions are cleverly articulated using height differences and furniture elements.

The ground floor living zones are structured using a series of objects that define each function and space: the kitchen cabinet, sideboard, metal dining table and lamp and green marble wall. Concealing functional spaces such as the toilet, coatroom, storage and pantry under the stairs and in the basement maximises openness in the living spaces.

Height differences in the ceiling and floor, that zig-zags down from the central kitchen to the garden room on one side and to the lounge on the other, help visually mark these transitions. The ground floor height differences also opened up more head room below in the basement to create more usable space.

The parquet floor is laid in a striking Chevron pattern whose diagonals and corners inspired the stepped form and ceilings of the extension.

New interventions reinforce the craftsmanship of the entire renovation, which also includes designing built-in and bespoke furniture elements. The design of this furniture complement the colour, material and texture of the original ornaments.

Going up

Echoing the open ground floor, the upper sleeping domain flows from the main bedroom through the dressing room into the spacious bathroom with sauna facing the garden.

Going down

Downstairs, the gate-like passageway under the stairs leads to the cellar. New custom joinery and subtle lighting have helped transform the vaulted cellar from a low, dark service basement into an exclusive space that centres on the wine collection.

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